Let’s Get Writing

Make Writing Your Habit!


The biggest reason people struggle with writing is they don’t have a process for taking that idea

and growing it so that it can become a book.

 Writing is one of those things that we make way harder than it really is.


You have this idea that you want to write but…

You can’t get started… You can’t keep writing… You don’t know where to go with your idea…

You can’t find the time… You can’t seem to make writing your habit… 

Ladies, it’s time to take your idea, play with it, build it, flesh it out and write it!

In my course,

Let’s Get Writing

Make Writing Your Habit

You will discover, explore and experience a whole new approach with simple techniques to get you writing and keep you writing.

The method is easy to adopt and fully repeatable, so you can apply it not only to this idea, but any other you want as well! 

Hi I am….

Glenna Mageau, an award-winning author, speaker, coach and founder of The Women Writes Movement. I have 9 published books – 5 suspense/thrillers and 4 heart-touching nonfiction.

I know what it’s like to want to write but not be able to… I know what it’s like to have too many ideas and keep jumping from one to another… I know what it’s like to feel like my writing sucks… I know what it’s like to wonder, ‘Who am I?’… I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

I spent over 25 years in a corporate career, which I enjoyed but my real love has always been writing. It took me a long time to shove aside my fears and take the leap to being an author. I want the same for you.

Through my journey I have discovered a whole new approach to writing, a new way to look at it and a new and fun way that will help you to get writing without the overwhelm, confusion or frustration.


Here’s what you really need to know about me, my goal is to help get you writing, without the stress, the overwhelm… There are so many things that can get in the way of writing, I’ve been through them all, so I know what it takes and how tough it can be. You will learn new skills, a new approach and I will help you figure out what works for you, how to get writing and how to keep writing.


If you are ready to write… this is for you!

It is incredibly exciting when you overcome your hurdles and realize you can write, you can focus, you can write your book and be a published author!


The key to succeeding with writing is how you approach it.

 Take the guess work, stress and overwhelm out of the equation and let’s get you writing.

The truth is that without a process to get you started writing and to keep you writing,

it can feel daunting and overwhelming… and impossible.


There are so many things that can derail you and keep you from writing:

self doubt can creep in – ‘who am I’, ‘who’d read it’, ‘where do I start’…

it doesn’t sound like you thought it would,

it can be hard to stay focused,

you have no time to write,

there are too many ideas

you can’t get started…

In this online course

Module 1

Overview and Welcome

– the keys to writing success

– the simple rules to follow

– why you need to write

Module 2

Ignite Your Idea

– discover the best way to ignite your idea and your story

– discover the best way to get your idea to unfold so that you can write a book

– discover how to breathe life into your idea, so that it is keeping you focused and writing

Module 3

The Two Writing Phases

 – learn the new approach to writing

– simple steps that bring your idea to life

– when your idea comes to life, the words and the story flow

– discover how to transform your writing

– discover a process that allows you to stay connected to your idea whether you write it in a few months, several months or a few years

Module 4

Write Your Book – How the Steps work Together


– understand how the process works

– understand how to bring your idea to life

– discover the simple steps that are completely adaptable to you

Module 5

Example of Using the Process with Fiction


– see how this process works for fiction writing

– follow the exact steps to ignite and grow your idea

Module 6

Example of Using the Process with Nonfiction

– see the process in action for nonfiction

– see the exact steps to follow to bring your idea to life

Module 7

Commit to Write


– the best process for you to find time to write

– how to commit and guard that time

– the key to overcome procrastination

Module 8

The Emotional Journey

– understand The Emotional Journey – what is holding you back, how it may show up – and how to use it to your advantage

– create a strategy to ensure that you can keep focused and keep writing

– understand and overcome the hurdles holding you back

– use your emotions to fuel your writing

Module 9

The Write Mindset

– understand and create The Write Mindset – what that means and how to do it

– approach writing with simple new techiques that will transform how you write

– create your guide so you will continue to write

Do at your Own pace

With each module, you will receive action sheets with simple exercises to help you on your writing journey.

Question while doing the course? You can access me through the private Facebook Group or send me an email.

In this Online Course

You will learn:

How to connect to and breathe life into your idea
The truth about how to get started easily and effortlessly
How to get writing so you can get it off your ‘to do’ list
How to overcome the hurdles keeping you stuck
Tips and tools to grow your idea, your story and keep you writing
To remove the guesswork about where, when, and how to start
To put the fun back in writing
How to make writing your habit
How to engage with your idea in a way that brings it to life


Along with the course, you’ll also get simple action sheets to help you get writing and keep writing.

Are you ready to Fire Procrastination? And get writing?

Are you ready to see your idea come to life?

You are already a writer.

All you need is some guidance, some simple tools
and techniques so that you can get started.

It is time to breathe life into your idea and get it written.


1. The Power of Fear and How to Make it Work for You (PDF) - $27

2. The Essential Keys to Get You Writing and Keep You Writing (PDF) - $36

3. My Journey and How to Get Writing MasterClass (Video) - $97



Value: $160

What Women Are Saying

The exercises were stimulating and freeing… I can get into a zone and write… Great workshop, very helpful…

Diane Jones

I enjoyed being given lisence to do my ‘own thing’…Good stuff… gave me a boost…


I learned way too much to list everything but you opened up many doors that were previously closed!


Holding onto that idea and hoping one day to write it,

means it will keep nagging and bugging you

and it still won’t get written.

This Course will give you a new set of tips and techniques
to breathe new life into your idea and your writing.

Remove the stress and overwhelm so you can get writing today!


This All Sounds Great But…

I'm frustrated with writing, I start but stop.

In this course, that is one of the big things that I address. I delve into what you need to do to get and keep your idea going. I teach you some simple tools and techniques to help you get started but more importantly how to keep going with writing. You will look at writing differently.

I have had this idea for a while but can't get started.

Whether you have one idea or many ideas, the tips and tools that I teach you will help you to learn a simpler way to get started not just for one idea but for the next and the next. I teach an easier approach to writing that you can use over and over. This course is about how to make writing a habit. How to love your idea and stick with it.

Will there be opportunity to write?

There won’t be much opportunity to write during the class as most of it will be teaching, giving you tips and tools but there will be time to ask questions. If you are feeling stuck I will be giving tips on how to get over the hurdles holding you back. You will gain clarity with your idea and direction with where to take it. However there will be exercises that you can do in between each class.

Do I have to share what I write?

There really won’t be much opportunity to share all of what you write but more the idea and where you’d like to go with it, where you’re feeling stuck and how to overcome that. How to grow your idea so that you can keep interested and writing. If you decided you’d like to share with the group, we can make that happen either in the private facebook group or through google docs. But it is not necessary or mandatory that you share what you write.

How long is this course?

This course has 9 modules. You can do it at your own pace. You can zip through the course but I highly encourage you to stop and take the time to do the Action Sheets.  The more of the information you are willing to try out and use, the more you will be able to overcome the hurdles holding you back. You get to watch it from the comfort of your home, while traveling… via your computer or your phone or from where-ever you’ d like. Once you have purchased the course a link will be sent to you immdeiately.

I love shiny objects

Shiny object syndrome is where you start with one idea but soon find yourself off on a new idea. It can be difficult taking one idea and writing a whole book about it, unless you have a process for doing that. It can be way easier to take a new idea and see how far it can go… but then you’ll hit that same shiny object syndrome. Let me teach you how to avoid this scenario.

I don't really know what I want to write

That’s okay. With the process that I teach, you will learn how to determine if an idea is right for you and how to stick with one idea.

When is it?

This course is online and starts as soon as you purchase it. A link will be sent to you via email. You can start immediately or when you have the time. 

What Women Are Saying

The workshop was well organized and presented… I felt encouraged and validated. Thank you Glenna.

Georgii Marche

I learned the importance of getting started, of writing something. I enjoyed everything about today – the lessons, the people, the sharing...”

A. E.

Very helpful. Excellent facilitation of discussions. Thought provoking. Well structured and timed. Worth it…

Janie P.


1. The Power of Fear and How to Make it Work for You (PDF) - $27

2. The Essential Keys to Get You Writing and Keep You Writing (PDF) - $36

3. My Journey and How to Get Writing MasterClass (Video) - $97



Value: $160

It’s time to learn a new approach to writing.

I believe if you use the simple tools and techniques I teach, it will transform your writing. 

Buy the course

Try it out for 7 days.

If you find that it has not inspired you to write or helped you with your writing. Send me an email asking me for a refund.